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1. Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We’ve been producing weddings since 2001.

2. Q: How many weddings do you work on per year?
A: We usually do about 25 dates per year.

3. Q: Are you a full-time business?
A: Not currently. Right now, we do it as a weekend business. Every year, we get a little closer to doing it full time though.

4. Q: Where are your offices?
A: We currently work out of our home. Until we are completely full-time with videos, it makes more sense to have an office set up in our house.

5. Q: Do you film anything other than weddings?
A: Yes- we film lots of different events. We do small seminars, commercials, parties, concerts, and recitals.

6. Q: How far do you travel to shoot a wedding? Do you charge for mileage?
A: We shoot all over Ohio and surrounding cities. We charge extra for travel whenever an overnight stay is required to effectively film your event.

7. Q: Can we meet with you?
A: Of course! It usually works best to meet in a neutral location that is convenient for you.  Or you can add us on Skype and we can arrange a video conference.

8. Q: What equipment do you use?
A: We shoot exclusively with Canon HD cameras.

9. Q: Do you do all your own work?
A: We (Shawn and Leslie) make up 90% of the business. We have a couple of other people that work with us on a regular basis as an additional videographer or for editing, but we will be involved with your product from beginning to end. You will always know exactly who is taking care of your footage.

10. Q: Can I customize a package?
A: We can break down our package into an hourly rate, with a minimum of 5 hours.

11. Q: How do we book you?
A: To reserve your date, we require a 30% deposit and a completed contract. Contact us today to find out if your date is available.