We offer both.






You’ll find videographers in every city that offer one or the other.  Long Form wedding films give you a majority of your wedding day in it’s real timeline.  The full ceremony, and the major parts of the reception- still edited- but not reduced down in viewing time.  It often includes a highlights reel to feature some of the best of the best imagery and moments from your day.  Short Form takes all the footage from the entire day and condenses it down to one heavily edited featurette.  It would be similar to the cinematic highlights film from the Long Form, but longer- and more involved.  Real audio clips from throughout the day (vows, toasts, special moments) are blended with a soundtrack to create an emotional journey summarizing your wedding day into something easy to watch in one sitting.  Short Form films are typically 12-15 minutes in length – depending on the length of the ceremony and the amount of reception formalities.

Both include the same filming effort and technology, but you choose the output that you want to experience. Long Form is for those who want the documentation, and Short Form is for those who love the visuals and aesthetics. Our Complete Package is our whole day package, because it requires an adequate amount of time and footage to produce a Short Form style video.

LONG FORM (Hourly Rate)

  • 2 videographers, 3 cameras
  • All locations
  • Lav mic on groom
  • 2 Backup audio recorders
  • Two minute recap video shared 48 hours after wedding day
  • Full Ceremony edit
  • Reception elements (intro, toasts, cake, 1st dance, etc.) edited
  • Ceremony and Reception .mp4 files delivered online

$200 per hour

(5 hour minimum)

SHORT FORM (Whole Day)

  • 10 hours of coverage
  • 2 videographers, 3 cameras
  • Lav mic on groom
  • 2 backup audio recorders
  • 12-15 minute short form film (whole day edit combining music and real audio) with licensed music, ready to share online.
  • 60 second recap video shared 24 hours after your wedding day
  • Raw footage (all the video files) in .mp4 delivered online


Can we add a highlights video with a Long Form?

Yes.  The hourly rate for a Long Form with highlights would be $225 per hour. Your highlights video will be approximately 40 seconds for every hour of coverage, and would be delivered as a separate file online.

Can we choose what songs go on our short form film?



In order to stay legal, we use songs that can be licensed – that way you can share the videos socially wherever you want.  We let you make a list of a handful of favorites from songtradr.com, and we pick from that list to apply to your video.  Instrumental is best, to allow easy overlay of real audio from your wedding.


How long will our short form video be?



Musical montages vary based on the amount of footage we shoot, and the amount of activities that occur. A Short Form video is typically 75 – 90 seconds for every hour of coverage.


What is your turnaround time?


Most edits take 10-12 weeks to produce.

Is there sales tax?

Yes.  Sales tax is based on the county where the ceremony takes place.